IAmUnk TheCEO (Kevin Cochran)

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The Biography of Kevin ” IAmUnk TheCEO ” Cochran:

Chief Executive Office ( Founder & C.E.O.)
Kevin ” IAmUnk TheCEO ” Cochran

I came into this life of music for a reason. not for form or fashion, but as a leader who works hard.

Born in Long Island, NY, brought to my great-aunt in Virginia to be raised at the early age of 5 months old. New York was my home, but Virginia is my native place of living. I started off in music as a youngster in church, singing with a youth choir. As I gaze back down the road of music in my teens, I joined a community choir in the neighborhood that traveled different places locally. We reached out to others through song and I was one of the bass voices of the group. As I got into my young adult life, I became a private DJ for many years until I gazed the aspect into the computer graphics field and websites. My family from both sides were in the music industry. My father was a writer and producer for his own materials and owned a record label in the 60’s and 70’s called Tee Off Records. The duo’s stage name was Inez & Charlie Foxx, which himself and his sister wrote, produced, and published much of the music in their prime which paved the way for other’s of today. That familiar song was ” Mockingbird. ”

I was introduced to the broadcast media through a friend (Ginger Patterson) that knew a friend in need of marketing and promoting, was introduced to the Former CEO/Founder of Minnesota HOTT Radio & presently President of WJRRadio.net, Dj Marvin Banks. through social media in 2011. We became friends when he viewed my profile page of social media and inquired about us getting together and make things happen. As we connected together, it was also presented to my attention to build my own brand, which I stood back on for a few years, learned some techniques on my own to pursue all of this. Well now, I started my own station, ” WJRRadio.net ” and a total of 7 others. He was invited to shut down his station and come over to build with our station. We sat down over a phone conversation and discussed the details on what this was about and what we was looking for as far as a corporate business was concerned. So I gave him my insight on what I thought I could bring to our business table and he was impressed with all of my opinions. We had become a family from that point on. He had asked me to hold on to those ideas cause a change is coming in 2014. As a Station Family, we are working together to move forward with this business. Locking in with Radio Media Group and Associates, LLC, ” Working Hard In The Paint ” to build a foundation that will make history. This website; WBSSRadio.com, was built to generate business, but not only for ourselves, but for those who were affiliated with this with Our Station Family, Radio Media Group and Associates and other walks of life.
We’re trying to establish a platform that incorporates many different styles of music and entertainment as well as the various  Dj’s and Artists that are accomplished in their fields of works, projects and material. It’s intention are not to step on any ones toes, but we ask that you stay true to the game, and come join our organization.

Radio Media Group and Associates, LLC (Virginia)
Contact Number: (804) 426-1712
Email Address(s): wjrradio.net@gmail.com


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